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Regenerating Global Systems Through Conscious Leadership

Uniting communities, businesses, leaders, and investors at the intersection of economy, people, and nature to create systemic solutions for a thriving world.
Seed Change With Us

Our Mission

We synergize alliances, build capacity, and implement innovative solutions to maximize return on investment and regenerative impact.

How We Work

Seeding Change is at the forefront of what we call Living Design—a movement changing the way we live, invest, travel, and do business—where action is led with conscious responsibility for the benefit of all living beings.

We draw on ancient and modern wisdom and technologies to support the synergy of the land, people, organizations, businesses, and investments to build a thriving future.
Our biocultural approach advances ecosystem restoration and preservation through regenerative business, investing, innovations, and real estate.


In alignment with our mission, we focus our efforts on three key areas:


For businesses, initiatives, technologies, and innovations


Unique value and responsibility through how we live, travel, invest, and do business


For purpose-driven, multi-capital returns on investment that regenerates lands, waters, and communities

Amplify Change With Us

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Net Positive Bioregional Impact

Ally with us to cultivate thriving bio cultures that honor the
interdependence between living and economic systems, communities, businesses, and Mother Earth.
Together, we can improve the planet and the people we impact at all scales, including future generations.
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Access Our Ecosystem of Experts

As a diverse collective of experts uniting to seed change, we deliver interactive learning journeys and masterminds for purpose-driven leaders.

Meet our founders and ecosystem of experts and explore the sea of knowledge and experience available to you.

Rick Corrado

CEO / President

Rick is at the crux of businesses’ paths from launch to success and advancing from a solid business to scaling to multi-billion dollar sales.

As a Strategic Advisor, Consultant, and Mentor, while building, developing, buying, and selling dozens of businesses, he is sought after as a strategist and partner for launches, mergers and acquisitions, and scaling initiatives.

Shane Cobb-Adams

Regenerative Strategist

Shane has extensive experience in assessing, designing, coordinating, implementing, and driving community programs working with private foundations, developers, healthcare systems, universities, and charter schools in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

He is known for designing leading-edge educational programs, community initiatives, and building affiliations and partnerships that meet and exceed objectives.

Tamsin Woolley-Barker

Whole Systems Architect

“Dr. T” is regarded as a leading pioneer of organizational biomimicry: a whole systems design approach applying nature’s proven strategies to drive business innovations.

For over a decade, she has successfully employed nature’s strategies with some of the world’s most influential companies to optimize their return-on-investment and return-on-impact.

Faith Green

Visionary Architect

Faith connects leaders to aligned ideas, concepts, and organizations to partner in ways that meet and serve the needs of ecosystems, communities, and society.

She facilitates leaders, their organizations, and impact initiatives, in ways that refine and magnify their unique value and drive their goals and objectives in socially responsible and financially profitable ways.

Her expertise includes the well-being of human capital across organization and community ecosystems as the surpass objectives and grow assests into the billions.

Michelle Abraham

Systems Architect

Michelle is multilingual in designing structures and systems, and identifying the missing components needed to drive results. Her experiential knowledge of re-inventing strategies, campaigns, and product identities, streamlines organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and revenue.

She has been integral to the bottom-line of businesses in over a thousand industries.

Impact Initiatives

Seeding Change is reorienting investment, real estate development, and economic streams around preserving biocultures and sacred sites.

We synergize alliances, build capacity, and implement innovative solutions to maximize return investment and regenerative impact.


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