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Synergizing Alliances for Bioregional Impact

Seeding Change draws on traditional and modern wisdom and technologies, to support the synergy of the land, people, organizations, commerce, contributions, and investments, to guide projects, initiatives, and communities to build thriving futures. Seeding Change is forging alliances and designing interactive digital maps that integrate bioregional networks and community intelligence dashboards for biocultural impact.

Seed Change With Us

Yucatán Mexico: Creating Biocultural Indicators

In the Yucatán, there is an opportunity for visionary real estate investors to partner with local Mayan leaders who are supporting communities and preserving the heritage of the lands, waters, and peoples.

Seeding Change is uniquely positioned to bring together wisdom keepers, real estate investors, scientists, and subject matter experts to create a set of biocultural indicators, trainings and certifications that will support luxury development that supports the preservation of biocultures and sacred sites beginning with Mayan lands.

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In the Yucatán Peninsula the co-creation of specific bioregional indicators are being designed to empower businesses and communities with sustainable economic ecosystems that pair profit with positive impact.

Investors will be able to demonstrate how their financial capital is creating circular economic vibrancy, creating jobs and supporting the biocultural systems of the region. The knowledge, traditions, and values of local wisdom keepers will form a basis for measurement and refinement of capital allocation, and long-term business excellence.

Hawaiian Islands: Advancing Impact Initiatives

In Hawaii, there are opportunities for developers, landowners, and business leaders to collaborate with local communities in building economies that are rooted in traditional Hawaiian values. We are synergizing thousands of years of ancestral wisdom in enhancing
Lo’i (wetland farming) and restoring Loko I’a (fishponds) in Kauai as well as supporting housing initiatives for the families of Lahaina based on the Kauhale system (traditional Hawaiian homesteads) that models a multicapital approach to community vibrancy.

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In Hawaii, there are opportunities for developers, landowners, and business leaders to collaborate with local communities in building economies that are rooted in traditional Hawaiian values.

Together we can support communities, lands, watersheds, and food systems through integrated housing and community-led agricultural initiatives that honor traditional knowledge and Hawaiian ways of living while incorporating the best of modern innovations.

  On Maui, beginning with housing the families of Lahaina, there are opportunities for developers, landowners, business leaders, and family offices to join with local community leaders and wisdom keepers to design and build thriving communities and economies that are rooted in the ways we malama (care for) and kuleana (take responsibility) for one another, our lands, and waters.

On Kauai, we’re advancing impact initiatives through a flow fund serving vetted organizations which are leading generative impact work. We are working with a number of impact leaders and organizations who are building capacity through fishpond and taro field reconstruction, watershed restoration, and more.

With Hawaiian partners, Seeding Change is uniquely positioned to support businesses to deepen their impact and investment in a way that flourishes land and water.

Native American Leaders: Creating Native Brands

In North America, our initiatives with Native American Leaders have cultivated relationships for Seeding Change to proudly serve the development of native brands. Brands designed to propel intergenerational regenerative land projects, tribal food sovereignty systems, and regenerative agriculture practices, including holistically managed animal grazing and ranching.

In Native lands, tribal food security and ecosystemic approaches to regenerative food production form the foundation of biocultural health and community abundance. Seeding Change and allies are forging ahead to create business ecosystems that place cultural capital and natural capital on par with financial capital to create a multi-generational legacy impact.

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Across Indian Country, Seeding Change is collaborating on innovative models built on bioregional and multicapital indicators and systems. These ecosystemic approaches maximize holistic business practices and local economic systems.

Our shared projects provide educational models for ranchers and rising young leaders to support regenerative futures for Native Peoples. Together, we can contribute to regenerative economies and sustainable careers in native’ lands, intergenerational leadership capacity, sustainable native families, and tribal sovereignty.

Seeding Change’s Native Brand collaboration is built on holistic management, regenerative agriculture, and integrated ecosystemic practices which make carbon sequestration, water efficiency, and soil revitalization a way of life.

We synergize alliances, build capacity, and implement innovative solutions to maximize return investment and regenerative impact.


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